ROtech series Ro's

RoTech Series Reverse Osmosis machines. Known for their quiet operation.  Manufactured to meet or exceed today's standards in producing high quality water. Each application has its own specialized water requirements that must be met. These units will meets your needs and give you years of trouble free operation.  They offer a powder coated frame, stainless steel vessels, stainless steel tubing, and a submersible pump. Available in single or three phase. Each unit is customizable to your application needs and are expandable as your needs change in the future.


Standard Features Include

  • Adjustable Flow Rates

  • Low Feed PSI alarm

  • Conductivity/TDS display

  • Pre/Post membrane gauges

  • sample valves

Optional Features are unlimited

  • %Rejection display
  • Stainless Steel membrane housings and Plumbing
  • Clean in Place Tank System
  • Divert to drain
  • Autoflush
  • Pretreatment
  • :PVC Housings
  • Available in Single or 3 Phase


Reverse Osmosis   Ro1